Flutter community is expanding, more and more great content is appearing online. I’m so delighted about it.

You will see in this listing that February was rich. Very rich. That was a lot of reading for me, but I learned a lot. I hope you will, too. You can send me a word on twitter to give me your thoughts about this report.

News and events

Februeary was short, but full of surprises. To me, the biggest one was the announce of Flutter beta:

Now, you can attract your colleagues to do Flutter dev. No more "But, it’s still alpha" excuses. You will achieve to convince them with this video:

You can fin this video on Youtube

And finally, Google created a Github repository: Desktop Embedding for Flutter. Yep, that’s great news, but be careful: it only target macOS for now, and it’s still under heavy development.

Some resources to discover and learn Flutter

Some package releases

  • geocoder v0.0.1 by Alois Deniel. Access to forward and reverse geocoding functionalities.

  • fluttie v0.1.1 by simolus3. Display animations created in Lottie. (No iOS support for now…​)

  • contacts_service v0.0.4 by Clovis Nicolas. Access and manage the device’s contacts.

  • dioc v0.0.1 by Alois Deniel. Inversion of control based on dependency injection through containers.

  • dioc_generator V0.0.1 by Alois Deniel. A generator of code for dioc containers.

  • tts v1.0.1 by Alex Blount. Convert your text to speech.

  • flutter_facebook_login v1.0.2 by Iiro Krankka. Use the native Facebook Login SDK in your app.

  • flutter_twitter_login v1.0.1 by Iiro Krankka. Use the native TwitterKit SDK in your app.

  • audio_recorder v0.0.1 by Jordan Alcaraz. Record audio and store it locally.

  • v1.0.0 by simolus3. Verify that the user is human using SafetyNet API on Android devices.

  • flutter_staggered_grid_view v0.1.1 by Romain Rastel. A Flutter staggered grid view which supports multiple columns with rows of varying sizes.


Whoa! February was short, but the community is more productive every day. I hope it will continue to grow that way for a long time. However, collecting links and reading every articles was a lot a work, and I wonder if it is still pertinent. Next month, I may give a try to a more personal and less time consuming form of this report. I’m not all decided about it, you will see it at the end of March.

See you next month !

I hope you enjoyed this second publication of What’s up Flutter. If I forgot something, made some mistakes, or if you want to appear in next What’s up Flutter publications, just let me know on my Twitter.

Cover image by Noah Silliman